Workshops on Physics and Technology of
RF Heating of Fusion Plasmas 2012

US−EU−Japan RF Heating Technology Workshop: Dec. 11 (Tue) − 13 (Thu), 2012
US−Japan RF Heating Physics Workshop: Dec. 13 (Thu) − 15 (Sat), 2012

Nara Prefectural New Public Hall, Nara, Japan


An excursion tour is planned on the afternoon of Dec.13.
We are planning to go to Omiwa Shrine, Imanishi Syuzo, and Abe Monjuin.
They are placed at the Sukurai city, which is located at the south of Nara city about one hour away by bus.
We will have a lunch of Japanese lunch box in a bus. It is included in an excursion fee.

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Summary of visiting place is as follows:

Omiwa Shrine (
This shrine, one of the oldest in Japan, includes the whole of Mt. Miwa within its bounds, and is otherwise known as Miwa Myojin. The lack of inner shrine here is due to the ‘body of the shrine’ being Mt. Miwa, which rises behind the shrine grounds, and this conveys the form of Shinto worship that was practiced in times past. Within the hall of worship, there is the ‘triple torii’ and through these three gates, Mt. Miwa has been accessed for worship. An old story says that a white snake living in the sanctuary is a reincarnation of the deity, Miwa Myojin. The shrine is particularly associated with sake, pharmaceuticals and warding off bad luck, and still attracts many worshippers, including sake and liquor producers from throughout the nation.

Imanishi Syuzou (sake brewing company) (
We will take tour to sake Breweries. (
Do not eat ‘natto (fermented soybeans)’ in the morning.)
Sake is originated around here.
This company started brewing about 350 years ago.

Abe Monjuin (
This temple was built in 645 and named after the surrounding area, Abe. It is one of the oldest temples in Japan. This temple is dedicated to Monju Bosatsu --- a Buddhist deity. This is one of the three major Monju temples in Japan. Monju Bosatsu is said to grant learning and wisdom and it is visited by many students wishing to pass their school entrance exams. At seven meters, it is the tallest of all the Monju Bosatsu statues.

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