Workshops on Physics and Technology of
RF Heating of Fusion Plasmas 2012

US−EU−Japan RF Heating Technology Workshop: Dec. 11 (Tue) − 13 (Thu), 2012
US−Japan RF Heating Physics Workshop: Dec. 13 (Thu) − 15 (Sat), 2012

Nara Prefectural New Public Hall, Nara, Japan

We invite you to the US−EU−Japan RF heating technology workshop and US−Japan RF heating physics workshop, which will be held at the Nara New Public Hall in Nara, Japan.
These workshops on RF heating technology and physics have long histories, contributing to enhance RF heating in fusion research through active discussion and collaboration. Although these collaborations are formal exchanges, we would like to open these workshops to our colleagues in other countries.
Nara is an ancient city which was the capital of Japan from AD710 to 784, where there are many historical shrines and temples including national treasures and UNESCO World Heritages.